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The future of organic gardening & why your health depends on it

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Learning how to grow food (at any age) is priceless. Please share this message with the young people in your life. And if there’s someone in your life (including you!) that wants to grow the gift of GREEN this season, check out my special holiday offer: https://growyourownvegetables.org/400in40/


Gloria A says:

I think the future of food will include lots of people growing a little food themselves, on a balcony, in a pot or in a kitchen, in a small garden or a large one. Also more people will keep chickens or ducks and harvest their own eggs. Most of the food in the world is grown this way and I hope this is where we’re going. I’m not sure why I’m convinced of this but I think we have to assume it will be so, and keep on learning and teaching.❤️

Libbie Chenier says:

Such a GREAT message, and very close to my heart. My mission is to get hydroponic Tower Gardens into our local classrooms so they can solve the catch-22 of being OUT of school during the peak of growing seasons. We are growing greens, herbs, and even some peas and tomatoes, all winter long in the frozen CANADIAN suburbs. The kids cultivate a connection to their food, and are actually willing to EAT green food when they grow it themselves. (It helps that it tastes better when it's home grown!) It makes me so happy!! Thanks for all you do Stacey! I've learned a LOT from your videos.

jackie littlefield says:

enjoyed your video Stacey

Jerry Hall says:

Aloha, there is a crop planning google sheet template video – if this is the same Stacey Murphy, I'd really like to get that template. Please let me know how. Mahalo

stephen Schmitz says:

Totally agree with you that small farms one at a time is the way forward, let's take a leaf out of the organic valley in Wiscon.
lv your work Big green hug 🙂

Chris Zappe says:

Stacey, just a note: ramen noodles in Japan are delicious and actually are nutritious. The American knock off might as well be cardboard. Great idea to add a few veggies! Also, consider promoting the book " leaving home cookbook and survival guide." It's a guide to eating healthy that is realistic for college students.

dust man says:

Good words!

Ruddster6 says:

I think that there is a romance to growing your own food. It is a sense of accomplishment like putting on new brake shoes on my truck for the first time. I think we need to invite young people into the romance of home gardening, like taking a horse drawn carriage ride or driving a classic car.

oneproudnana says:

I don't think things have changed unless they've gotten worse. When my daughter entered college 4 years ago, she had the option of taking the 'food package' with her room in residence. It turned out the 'food package' was vouchers for fast food places in the neighbourhood of the college. She put on so much weight that I sometimes think of suing the college for destroying her health. My 4 year old granddaughter has a garden space of her own and hopefully she'll remain connected with her food – your video is a good prompt to remind her often how good home-grown tastes.

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