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The Guide to Sustainable Living | #LowWasteLent

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Eric Gamble says:

Just for fun: after the forty days, there is a fifty-day period leading up to Whitsunday, that is sometimes referred to as mystagogia, or a ‘deepening of one’s understanding……’ You noted that you had more than forty items…….perhaps you might play with that idea as a follow up. You have such wonderful ideas! Thank you!
Now, on to check out these great new resources……..

Cathy Lynn Pietranton says:

I Blue this was an excellent video congratulations on your E book.

Emelia Söderlund says:

Beautiful! I'd love if this video also had some snapshots of the e-book 🙂

Karina CT says:

I just got my e-book! Thank you!

Egle N says:

What's the name of plant in the background? Thanks

rowan orre says:

I am still on my attempt to give up shame and blame for lent. (this is my 4th year on this).

TheScentedPath says:

Excellent subject Blue, this is so important! I will definitely be following along with great interest 😊 xx

angela kneller says:

I give up fb for lent. This is my third yr. I still find it difficult to give up. I may add something else more tangible to the mix but not sure what yet x

Suhani Sharma says:

It's just so good video. I love this video. Thank you for this. Lots of love from me.

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