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The Secrets To Organic Gardening Part 1 | Dr. Robert Cassar

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The Secrets To Organic Gardening – Growing Food Easily Without Chemicals or Pesticides. I will show you some of the secrets I have learned over the last 20 years of planting a simple non-toxic organic food garden. 

If you are looking to heal yourself, one of the best protocols you can follow is to have “Live Organic Clean Greens” that will have to come from your garden, or a close friend from the farmers market where you can get get plants that have not been assaulted with a variety of toxic chemicals.

It is easy to grow healthy and super nutritious, non-toxic plants of any kind your garden.

The soil must be moist, alive, healthy and full of the bio-available nutrients, digestible organic minerals, live bacteria in the soil, clean water, ample sunlight and a lot of love :))

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The Secrets To Organic Gardening

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Dr. Robert Cassar


CreeshOfficial says:

This is one of the best videos I've ever watched in my life!
You changed completely the way I think now…
Thank you so much!!! Incredible!

laughing lion says:

Ive been growing my own veggies and fruits for years and everything this man said is true, and it taste so much better, juicer ,sweeter and you feel good after you eat it. Hey Doc. I got a question what about grasshoppers have you ate them?

See Zee says:

Thank you👍🏻

Joseph Harris says:

The Importance of Brix Testing
Brix testing is important for a number of reasons. A higher brix means better flavor and better nutrient value. If you grow your own produce, brixing your vegetables and fruits will let you compare your garden produce to what you can buy in the store.

The brix of what you grow is directly related to the health of the soil, so checking the brix of your plants against the brix scale below will give you an idea of how healthy your soil is. Healthier soil means better, more nutritious crops, which means a healthier you.

Symbioticag.com AGx works with plant biology to increase plant and soil health as described in this link: http://www.theconsciousfarmer.com/plant-health-sugar-levels/

This is why applying Symbioticag.com AGx significantly reduces input costs in crop planting / harvest cycles – significantly less fertilizer, no pesticides or fungicides. Increased yields at harvest results in more crop to sell, increasing food security with organic healthy food.

GMO grain based animal feed infused with low dose antibiotics are creating "superbug bacteria" spreading disease to other animals and impacting humans as they consume the meat.



Applying Symbioticag.com AGx to non gmo / heirloom grains to be used as animal food supports restoration of the balance of nature in the entire food chain life cycle system.

Contact me for a Brix chart through my website LBIAG.org or through the site email at info@lbiag.org

Human First says:

There is a world wide conspiracy going on to buy al Vedic seeds from India and replace it with gmo it’s NWO yes Billl gates bought an island and having grow all Vedic food for his bank. India already importing gm corn from USsuch ironic. Buy these Vedic seeds (true organic holy soil produce) before there is none left

CatHunter says:

I love this guy 😁

Vlado Taso says:

7:05 Does butterflies they’re not blessing your garden there injecting eggs behind the leaves on your plants they’re real pests for the plants believe me

Terry Gunzales says:

I am ready for part 2, thanks for the inspirations!

ام مقداد says:

When is part 2?

SofiaL says:

That 's a beautiful video Doc !! i love it, you give so much to people in your video, you are a generous heart !! i am happy i knew you, you changed my life Doc ! God bless you ♥

sooooooooDark says:

eating only organic vs only non organic (both raw) is like day and night (quite literally)
even if its just shitty internationally shipped organic banana
after a few days its like lightbulps in ur head turn on that havent been on since childhood
its really weird shit
colors seem to get more pronounced n shit too, hard to explain ;O

gotta go and grab some more wild foods
ive to wonder what eating only them would feel like…..

MD Live says:

Soil tillage increases erosion, kills soil microbes and as result decreases available nutrients in soil. Soil gets worse after rototill

Nuyorican Feliciano says:

Finally understand what your talking about this was such a great video

VioletLotus says:

What is your view about rat-lung disease? Many of my friends in HI stopped grazing from the garden because of the risk of it.

Gloria Young says:

I learn Alot from your video s Thanks teacher ☺️🤔

Cas Van59 says:

So…. after over 5 years of listening and following his advice,. a lot of work just to look better in a bathing suit (My original YouTube comment), did his program work?… Yeah. This man might have the best program out there.

Timothy Stinson says:

Do you start your seeds in little pots or right in the ground?

Timothy Stinson says:

God bless you

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