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The Small House Society – Smaller, Simpler, and More Sustainable Living

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This presentation by Gregory Johnson offers an introduction to the Small House Movement. To learn more, visit: http://www.SmallHouseSociety.org


Tom Leykis Fan says:

Fantastic, with the lack of job security in he western world this does make sense.

Nind 10do says:

Would a tiny house be legal if you already own a property like if you wanted to move out of your old house to your backyard? 

buttmanroad says:

This is Awesome.My Wife and I and our Two small Dogs Moved from a 1600 square foot Home into 720 square feet. Yes we have grown Children and that Helps Alot. The Hardest thing We to do was Downsizing and Donating. It is Hard at First but in the end its a Blessing. We now have less to keep up with and Money to spend on going places.

jamini711 says:

could i live in long island,new york??

PippinPotter11 says:

WoW, over 70,000 hits a day? Also, the growth since 2002 is far beyond phenomenal, they're unheard of and perfectly understandable, for our economy reflects such rethinking and a call to action of the like. Women in two similar videos have made so much sense, with one stating that she bets "we" had at least one room in our homes that were either never or almost never using at all. She was right and this has turned a light on inside my thoughts in telling me that; "I really do not need this much

Autobahn No Limit says:

Most people are reevaluating what they spend for homes because banks control the housing market and this recent dip in the housing markets is teaching folks valuable lessons.

Dez Crawford says:

WELL SAID! We want a new home, but mandatory size over 2500sf and "standard" construction discourage us. I grew up in an old house of 850sf in New Orleans and it always seemed just right in size. WE want a house of about that size, but with excellent built-in storage to minimize the need for furniture, and a screened porch about 250sf to have space to grill outdoors and keep the house cool, and so our indoor cats can play "outside." No subdivision in our new city will consider such a house.

resourcesforlife says:

@mykwilwin — You can put them just about anywhere an RV can be put.

resourcesforlife says:

@EverywhereVirtually — Thanks for taking time to watch and comment!

resourcesforlife says:

@goddess7lady — You can find out more by going to Small House Society dot org. Look for the Designers and Builders page. The company that built my home is Tumbleweed Houses.

linda borowski says:

I posted to the wrong house.Could you provide more information as my daughter will be looking into buying a house in about two years.

linda borowski says:

Could you give more information on that house as my daughter could be persuaded into doing something as smart as the house you described.

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