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Check out NYOKA! https://www.lightbynyoka.com/
The bioreactor! https://industrialplankton.com/

Time Stamps:
Reusable cap – 1:22
Capsule – 3:05
Bioluminescence – 6:08
THE TEST: 7:21

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Geode Blue says:

I'm guessing you can't eat the stuff inside the capsule

How1337ItIs says:

Pauly Shore called he wants his shtick back.

Philip Teevee says:

A suggestion, if you don't mind me presuming to make one: The purpose of the host is to bring out the best in the guest… not to (sometimes literally!) crowd her out. And a little bit more about how the chemistry actually works would be great. But still a really interesting video, thanks for making and sharing it!

Corey Zinger says:

A) what about the string that is used? what is that made of? and B) You should do a "MTV Cribs" episode featuring Leah.

Katrina Eames says:

That is super cool! How long does the glow stick last?

Yamila Franco says:

This is amazing! This is such an awesome invention, I am amazed at how many new things are coming up and we can all use them to create a plastic-free world. Thank you for posting!

TTeaMeister Inspector Tea says:

Could you make a video on when to replace your household appliances? There's a really interesting dilemma there between not wanting to create excess waste but you want to conserve energy as well. Like last year we replaced our freezer of 20 or so years even though it was still working fine but it saves us about 1400kWh a year.

TTeaMeister Inspector Tea says:

Is that made from the same bioluminescent algae you see all around the oceans? Because that looks really cool. Like you're sailing and there's this trail of luminescent blue specs behind you.

Levi Hildebrand says:

Imagine all the cool things you could do with bioluminescence technology! Anyone have any ideas!?

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