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Top 10 AMAZING Houses – Off Grid Living

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Protecting the environment is a major concern for the current and future generations. Our carbon footprint has been a heavy one, stamped around Mother Nature recklessly and without pause. In response to the fear of global warming, the concept of off-the-grid or green living has grown in popularity, and to show that you don’t have to give up style to have a decreased impact on nature, we’ve found these Top 10 Amazing Off-the-Grid Homes!

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10. Freedomky House
9. The Ekinoid Project
8. Earthships Packaged Model
7. The Stoltz Bluff Home
6. Ecocapsule
5. Lighthouse
4. ZeroHouse
3. Soleta zeroEnergy
2. The Hobbit House
1. The Stamp House

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FoxyGirl Gamer says:

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Top10Archive says:

Would you live in any of these houses?

D Hansel says:

Just get a 35' camping trailer with some solar panels. You won't have to worry about it blowing away. If you want you can just hookup your truck and pull it to another location.

Jamie Monroe says:

wow house #2 is Awesome always loved that house in Lord of the Rings now I know it's a real house. 1 was really neat too it looked like a Star War house

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Joshidites servellonacles says:

this is great n'all but it seems to focus more on how something looks rather than the cost. I mean, green living is awesome, don't get me wrong but will it be something that only the rich and wealthy can afford?

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Todd Medium Wellington says:

Why is it illegal to live off grid??

Hrvoje Jembrek says:

You guys are the best.

Sobi the Robot says:

I wanna live in a sphere house. It's so space-age, retrofuturistic…it's awesome.

Heck, I wanna live in ALL of these.

jan harald says:

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Kigu_ says:

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josjuu_NL says:

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Usman Shah says:

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