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Here are 10 habits I’ve developed to help me travel responsibly, ethically, and sustainably.

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BVDBABY1 says:

My wife has been kidnapped whilst holidaying in South America. Do you have any tips on how to send the ransom money without causing too much damage to the environment?

Tracer__ says:

Like for the cola can! <3 :>

Forest Green says:

Thank you! Much needed advice.

Sam's somewhere says:

YES YES YES! All of these tips are so important for travel and daily life! Absolutely love the vibe of your channel, subscribed 🙂

danny says:

Such a great video! keep it up yo!

Lily andSpain says:

great video! We, travel bloggers can encourage others to change their travelling habits for the best of everyone!

Edward Travels says:

This is spot on. Everyone that travels should follow these tips

Gab & Maya Backpacking says:

We absolutely love your tips, we agree with all of them and always try traveling as eco-friendly as possible. Love your style of editing, very interesting and great voice-over!! We've subscribed to you because we enjoyed it so much 🙂

Collect Moments says:

Great list ! Every traveler should take those 10 points to heart.

Look Who's Blogging says:

cool tips! every travel should be environmentally responsible! as for the animal attractions….i've always wanted to ride an elephant….too bad it's on the list!!

Journal of Nomads says:

Very good tips!!We always try to respect all of them while we travel, great job!

Sue NoFixedAbodeForSue says:

I love taking tours when visiting somewhere new as you can learn so much more that way. Loved your video and channel so a new subscriber here 🙂

Alexander Fidel says:

Great tips for consumers! Thanks for the vid.

For those in the industry looking for resources, Travel+SocialGood is a great nonprofit that can help: http://www.travelsocialgood.org/?utm_source=af87

Power Couple Life says:

Such great tips! Bookmarked the article too

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