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Top 5 Container Gardening Tips

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his top 5 container gardening tips that will enable you to be successful at growing food in a container garden whether you are a beginner or someone who has more experience.

In this episode, John shares with you his small container garden, and his most important tips that has enabled him to be successful growing a vegetable garden in half wine / oak barrels.

After watching this episode, you will learn about some of the most important general tips for growing food in containers.

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karimah abdul-hakim says:

learn Organic thank you very much for sharing πŸ’šπŸŒΉ

Roger Rinck says:

They say tomatoes are the easyest thing to grow but a two dollar pot and 599 bag of compost for 5 tomatoes. Atleast when i groe pot its 2 dollar pot 599 bag compost and yeilds 100 dollers bud. Just add water.

Roger Rinck says:

So organic growing is what im interested in but if it cost more for dirt pots and baby or seeds then why grow. Need tips. Got lots of horse poop cow poop and chicken poop compost.

Roger Rinck says:

So i got some chicken manure, some horse manure, and some cow manure. Its free to me cuz the area i live in. What do you think about me mixing all that with some store baught potting soil and growing each plant in 5 gallon buckets. Or should i get bigger pots.

FY30 says:

Hi nice video. Do you have seeds for the Siberian kale? I love green leafy vegs and I'm trying to obtain as many varieties possible.

Squimp Squi says:

Yeah 1 minuet

Dori123196 says:

Nah, man. I'm not paying $20 for a foot and a half of dirt. You want good soils? If you only have 3 or less pots to fill, buy some miracle grow. Its the shit If you have a shit ton of planters to fill and you don't have much money ( but you do have time) here's what you do: save up your used coffee grounds for a couple of weeks ( or ask if you can collect some from work or a cafe). Buy cheap ass potting soil ( the kind that's mostly sand), a cheap thing of peat moss, and some vermiculite ( Look at buying some from a farm supply store. It's cheaper) and mix that shit together. Add your plants. Find yourself some cheap ass wood chips ( Look up some cable company dump sites. They usually chip the trees that fall on power lines and will let you hall away the shavings for free) and add a 1 layer to top off the soil so it doesn't dry out too fast. Tada. You now have yourself a potting mix that can grow damn near anything.

Jeremy Hula says:

Thanks brother. Love your videos. I'm starting a container garden this year and you are extremely helpful.

KnifeCrazzzy says:

Love all your stuff but short is really nice!

RegularGuy4822 says:

I've tried containers a bit too, and when you say "plant densely," I agree, but would go even further–consider planting creeping or cover crops all over the planter surface. Protecting and covering planter soil with mulch or living mulch can really help with stopping the sun from drying out the mix. My best container so far is one that's totally covered in herbs and underneath I innoculated it with moss. The biology is a lot more complex, the squirrels no longer dig it up, and it stays moist much longer compared to my other planters.

weare1ingod says:

Great Video. Very Helpful.

Dillon Mixon says:

Homedepot sells Dr. Earth soil

Crusty Tackleford says:

Homedepot now carries Dr.Earths

Elexa Nicholson says:

also dr earth is unbelievably spendy

Elexa Nicholson says:

im in ca and have found dr earth soils at home depot for a few years now

Jim Wills says:

I just looked at Dr.Earth all-purpose potting soil.
1.5 cu.Ft. $34.83 and $44.49 That's insane.

Over the Hedge says:

Hello from Southern Ontario Canada! It's that time of the year when 'cabin fever' strikes me. I've been going through all of my magazines, seed catalogues and favourite websites. And I've set up my seed starting calendar. I've begun to stalk all the stores and nurseries in my area. Doing cost comparisons. Born and raised on a farm, gardening is in my blood. But I no longer live on a farm and I do all container gardening. Google used to be my favourite site to go to for answers. But now, my favourite place to go … YouTube! Videos! I stumbled upon one of your videos. I love love love your videos. I am definitely going to try a lot of your garden tips. Although we're in different plant zones, there is still a lot I can use, do. I have to admit, I'm now a 'GrowingYourGreens' groupie. Keep putting out these videos. Short format, long format, I'll watch 'em all! You've replaced regular TV viewing at my house * cackles * Kudos to you John!

Spencer Wickliff says:

it wasn't a minute but it was very educational. Thanks.😁🍎🌿🌾🌱

Telin Strong says:

you do realize that if you add compost and worm castings rock dust is unnecessary and does not make a difference so it is a waist of money and rock dust is a non-renewable resource so using it hurts the planet and rock dust takes longer to become bioavailable for your plants.

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