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Top 6 Worst and 6 Best Garden Fertilizers

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his top 6 worst garden fertilizers you should not use in your garden and his top 6 best fertilizers you should use in your garden.

In this episode, John will share his personal opinions on fertilizers that are currently being sold at stores near you. You will discover why he does not like many commonly used fertilizers available today. You may be shocked that John does not like some of the even organic fertilizers that are sold today.

You will then discover the best 6 fertilizers you should use to build your soil over the long term to grow the healthiest, most nutritious food for you and your family.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of which fertilizers you should purchase and which you may want to avoid.

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dennis seeker says:

humm interesting opinion thanks for posting, i will have to make use of animal manure here in the Philippines, but then as example most cows and water buffaloes are raised back yard on a rope most time organic, no one will spend money here on the back yard cows for all the hormones etc but in my plans i hope to pre hot compost then feed to worms for the vermicast. 2 miles from the ocean, wish i can find tons of sea weed, i think to harvest kelp here is illegal now maybe i can find another type, or maybe there is a business waiting to happen? i am looking into building a small banka boat for personal use

well all an adventure, cheers

WolfHerzen WolfHeart says:

???? miracle grow is 1 of the best fertilizer you cant always trust compost and organic some times there unbalance in the soil and miracle grow will create a balance to save your plants

Gerard's Horticulture Culture says:

John what about aquarium how do you feel about that?

Ken Brown says:

Thank you for making this great YouTube video about fertilizers !!!!

Rexagus says:

Lol so GMOs are bad? Countless studies proves it wrong and people still believe they are bad…

John Miller says:

What do you think of the Fox farm nutrients for growing your medical marijuana

Jean Lai Kan says:

What about coffee grounds?

Titahbayflier says:

Well personally l love my shit. I live in clean green new zealand. .. We have 17 horses and some sheep pumping the stuff out.
Its a different story here, the property and animals havent seen peticides, insecticides, gmo, sprays, chemical fertilizers or feds.

Its a diet of fresh grass and hay.

joseph stankiewicz says:

so i am the only guy thinking off this not on u tube not on goole maybe i,am not here nobody have ears to listen i hope you do casue i don,t give a shit i will soon expire pushing 60 died at 20 but still here but nobody listens i grow tronless blackberrys in my front yard my friend say pure walkers a stealing your blackberries tey can i only planted one bush next year they can have more them tey can eat i let grow wild is a monster

joseph stankiewicz says:

hey john i think japan got a jellyfish problem if u that died jellyfish in bury them in bad soil might be good for plants i think jelly fish re birth is cause soil is shit fish try to come to land like trillons of them to make soil better yet they are the worst things man can get i think is a bad wrap think of all the desert land we have then open your eyes the rest of all land i think tey are perfect for land growth maybe weeds better then sand

Joey B says:

do we pick one? or mix all 6 to have all benefits is there brand with all 6 benefits

Ted Mcgee says:

I use chicken manure, leaf compost and dry salt fertilizers and my shit is good and healthy. Hella his info in incorrect

Michael Jones says:

If your on your period….stay out of the ocean…shark bait…beeeches😂

Michael Jones says:

You little boys like quickies😂😂😂😂😂😂

Cabe says:

Chemical fert is fine just don't over do it and FLUSH before harvest

Buggy says:

Why do the major farmers use synthetic I’m trying to study this issue some people say Monsanto is poisoning the ground with aluminum so it only his Patented GMO seeds will grow in that soil I don’t know how true that is All plans Borrow nutrients from soil but we need to learn how to keep our soil fresh and new for outfield instead of throwing a bunch of chemicals on it

Frederic Maloof says:

"Forest don't grow in piles of shit!"
Good information given with a lot of heart.

8 year old says:

chemicals all ready in the soils,air and water ….people breathing in tires dust,brakes dust that's way

girlygamer says:

I used cow manure, bone meal and blood meal in my large garden…. The best garden I ever had… I used Vinegar/soap water mix for bugs… had tons of worms in my garden… I composted all the extra vegetation for the next years compost…I also grew outdoor Marijuana… I had a hug potent flowers from only 4 plants… I do agree using worm compost if you don't have worms in your garden and mealworm compost

Robert Nazarov says:

Crap sorry last question. Someone mentioned aquarium water as a solution. I have turtles I’m guessing that would cause salmonella

Robert Nazarov says:

Also last thing if I added manure to my cabbage recently should I try and sift it out? By the way it’s been sitting the sun for months half used. Cabbage is only like 8 inches tall and transplanted couple weeks ago from Home Depot

Robert Nazarov says:

Thanks for the priceless info. How does one avoid the ekoli from ones own poop 💩

Alex Hellmuth says:

I do not agree with the whole "GMO's are evil" if you don't agree with GMO then kiss your earth goodbye, their's absolutely no way we can sustainably supply our growing world population without them.

mouffi01 says:

I always have great success using bat guano for my bonsais. I believe it could work for a variety of other plants and trees too!

Spaceman Spiffy says:

Never thought I would ever ask this again can I get your autograph lol

Frank Maximchuk says:

I set up a new raised bed and filled it with Tomato Lady soil and nothing grew. Everything died. I ended up digging it all up and throwing it away.

Charlotte Lambert says:

I'm not going to go nuts with manure comment. However, done properly it's hands down champion. I raise my own rabbits , feed them organic alfalfa hay pellets. Rabbit manure is cold and is considered the golden nuggets of organic farming. Not trying to show you up. You seem serious like my husband. He raises those rabbits and spoils them, just for the manure. You can plant something in 100 percent rabbit manure. He's crazy right?

quailranch says:

Scientific studies do not support the notion that synthetic fertilizers kill soil bacteria.

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