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Toward a Do-Nothing Gardening, pt. 4: Organic Weed Control (Lazy Gardening)

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When this was a lawn, we had to work very hard to keep weeds under control. Now that it’s a vegetable garden, we do next to nothing.

Today I talk about how we turned a high maintenance lawn with a seemingly insurmountable weed problem into a productive low-maintenance vegetable garden where weeds are, at worst, a minor inconvenience.

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“Weedy” Annuals That Out Compete Weeds:
1) Mustard Greens
2) Arugula
3) Red Orach
4) Amaranth

“Weedy” Edible Perennials that Out Compete Weeds:
1) Red Veined Sorrel
2) Egyptian Walking Onions
3) Chives
4) Oregano

OYR is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost, mulch, and compost tea. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.

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Anthony Poole says:

Currently composting weeds

Elwira G says:

Can I start garden like this by puting cardboard and wood chips over the grass in spring/summer ? I was thinking of getting rid of a gras and having a forest , but I would like to start as soon as posible 😉

Anna Forhisglory says:

that's how i did it for years. it works.

Edelweiss Stamaria says:

I like all your videos, so much information and good ideas.

77777aol says:

Super clear and inspirational ! Thank you. One of the best gardening videos I have seen :^)

Erics Green Thumb Gardening says:

I have horrible perineial weeds that keep coming back even through 8 to 12 inches of cardboard and woodchips. What can i do to organically kill them. P.s to many to put bowling water on lol

Jrod C says:

what is the best way to control viney weeds that grow on everything?

Grow2Cycle Urban Gardening says:


I am thinking of converting a lawn THICK with kikuyu grass into fertile (weed-free) beds, by sheet-mulching the whole area…

Must compost or "green" organic matter go directly on the cardboard, or could we place our leaves/ mulch at that layer to act as a further suppressant for the (NASTY) weeds below (in my case, kikuyu grass).

I was thinking:

5 cm GOOD soil (TOP)
~5 cm mixed (rotted + fresh) compost/organics
5 cm leaves
2 layers cardboard (BOTTOM)

13ccasto says:

This series is great!! Thank you!!!

Linda Johnson says:

What kind of grow bags do you have in your garden that are white? They look like plastic? Do you still use these? What were you growing in these? Where did you find them? I've been looking for some white ones as I feel the black grow bags might heat up more and require more watering????

Charito says:

Look at that bee!!! So cute!!!

Naida Palmer says:

The garden looks amazing but doesn't wood chips and cardboard attract termites? I would hate to attract termites towards my house.

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