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True NO Till Gardening – Growing ( Building ) Soil for Organic Vegetables for beginners 101. Part1

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True NO Till Gardening – Growing ( Building ) Healthy Soil for Deep Mulch Organic Vegetables for Beginners 101. Part 1. Composting leaves can also be used in a organic vegetable garden 101.


Christine Royer says:

Wow! This was super helpful. Can't wait for part 2. Thank you!

Maurice debeer says:

bravo! that is loiletto italico. cover crops technique interest me and i want to give a try in my market gardening veg garden. however is this technique usable in farm?

5tormy says:

Love your channel. Liked and subscribed!

Pat Farmer says:

You're a cool dude Mark! Waiting for part 2. I wish there was some kind of affordable device to roller crimp cover crops. Like something you could attach to a Hoss wheel hoe. I think quick efficient roller crimping and then transplanting into the crimp will eventually be the trend for market gardeners. Peace 🙂

David Unger says:

Hi Mark, great instructive video as usual. Where I live, we tend to have a problem with voles in the garden, and they can do a significant amount of damage. I like the idea of "no till", and hope like to try out your method, but I am concerned that the voles would just love all the extra ground cover. Any suggestions/comments?

Heather Gilreath says:

This is so exciting! I believe this could transform organic FARMING if more farmers knew and perhaps increase the number of organic farmers. Keep the vids coming, please! 🙂

Little Bean's Garden says:

Definitely great information! Everything you said makes sense to me ?

howmonster says:

Looks good and makes sense! What I can't figure out is how you'll plant a new cover crop at the end of the season with all that mulch there without a drill seeder…?

DmnSpawn1 says:

Another Great Video! I've been doing this same thing in red iron clay 0% soil for the last 3 years and this year is night and day difference. Took time but I have 1 & 1/2 inches of nice black soil on top of the clay and its just enough for my plants to get started in and then they push down into the clay over time.

tsx3214 says:

Thanks, Mark…looking forward to these results! Happy Easter!!

Woody's Trains says:

Great video! Is the rye planted in wood chips, fall leaves or just on the dirt?

Dana Cross says:

This video is demonstrating your answer to the question I had earlier about planting amongst the rye. I will be very interested to see how this develops. One question regarding the mulch however. It will eventually dry up. Will weeds invade or do you mulch with wood chips when the plant is higher?

Dutchman's Journal says:

Great vid …answers a lot of questions for adapting to my garden. See you next week ……kinda.

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, another great video, enjoyed as always, keep up the good work, Don

Marcus Schleifer says:

thanks for teaching!!! i have a view strips of winterwheat and will try this method. im looking forword to see your plants in the summer.

Meesho 21 says:

Very interesting and very creative. Thanks.
on other subject. you mentioned in one other video that you buy worms for your garden. would you please send me the address so I can buy some for my garden.

Kevin Kimmich says:

It is really helpful to see the demonstration along with the first principles explanations. It turbo charges the learning for me. We're taking the first steps to improving the soil in our garden and around our property this season and I'm trying some of these techniques. Your videos really help. Thanks!

Will Homesteading says:

I want to start this method this year. Right now i have no cover crop on my garden but was thinking to plant buckwheat. My concern is will the buckwheat outgrew my gardenplants and take light and nutrition away?

OhHowHappyGardener says:

Awesome…. we planted into the winter rye this evening. I used a bulb planter to make holes for my transplants.

Stilgar74 says:

another great 'growing soil' video Mark!

imasurvivornthriver says:

This was GREAT! If you don't mind, would you please show how you attached that rake to the hedge trimmer??? Thanks for sharing.

James Ruland says:

Keep them coming Mark Love watching your vids

socorob says:

ever seen the roller crimper attachment for tractors to accomplish the same thing? https://youtu.be/UtxH4CJa-jk

VeganMarcella andMore says:

Very Interesting!!! I had no idea that Winter Rye was like that

Bujar Lajqi says:

Hey! First I love your content. I think it is great stuff! I do have a question though. How do you direct seed in the winter rye?

Master Yip says:

Thanks for sharing

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