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True NO TILL Homesteading Organic Vegetable Gardening with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 6

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NO TILL Homesteading Organic Vegetable Gardening method with deep mulch for beginners 101, Pt 6. Also How to build healthy soil – You can use composting leaves too.

Prices on new items:
New sickle bar for tractor: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/NTESearch?storeId=6970&ipp=48&Ntt=sickle+bar
other source: https://www.everythingattachments.com/Tractor-Sickle-Mowers-s/10538.htm
BCS New blade ONLY: https://www.groworganic.com/bcs-tiller-attachments-sickle-bar-mower-40.html


OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY says:

we need some rain

loganv0410 says:

A used sickle bar for a tractor is about $600-800, not thousands

Hickory Hill Homestead says:

We are putting in a melon patch in a new area and used paper as a weed barrier under leaf compost and wood chips.

Ula Ka says:

I've just bought a scythe as well for cutting grass with it. I haven't quite got the hang of it yet though. I think grass might be more difficult to cut than rye. Some of it just bows down and gets back up 🙂

BobMels Gardens says:

Good morning Mark. It seems we are all getting more rain than we need. Best wishes Bob.

bigh650 says:

bet you are sore from using the scythe – I would be
all the best

jon doe says:

As always, I love your videos! Nice scythe. Keep up the good work. My family owns a farm and they plant rye for crop rotation. They have some very nice equipment. They use a mower attachment and a rake attachment. They rake it into huge rows, then come back a few days later and spread it out again. I didn't realize that the mechanized rakes could spread the straw out so evenly.

lane laney says:

Great video. Does the paper you use in the lettuce area decompose in a season?

WV Dave says:

Hi Mark enjoy all your video, Starting to try and apply no till here on out farm here in Philippines, Here they have destroy the soil,,, they plant rice every year and just pile on the fertilizer , We have no leaves like you got , very little, But we do have rice hauls from the mill. Glad I found your channel. By the way we do raise Red Dragon Fruit here all so about 1600 plants so far . I'll be watching , Dave

Horse237 says:

More from that same Fortier video on Mycorrhizal fungi. The ground has to be 12 degrees C (53.6 F) for the fungi to become active.
From another video. How earthworms kill aphids!!
Feed bone meal to earthworms. The resulting worm castings will have Chitinase which the worms make from Chitin. The aphids have an exoskeleton which is destroyed by chitinase. Aphids are repelled by castings containing it.

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, great video, enjoyed, I like the scythe tool, am interested in seeing how you use it. Thanks Don.

chris devito says:

ji, what is that paper cover product you are referring to? can i buy it at home depot?

clive mossmoon says:

I can't wait to see your watermelons. 🙂

Charlie says:

Get a cheap used deck type lawn mower and cut the front of the deck out exposing the blade (you may have to reinforce the deck) then just cut the grass or brush down.

TheEmptynester says:

Hi, Mark. I am glad that works well for you. It is just easier for me to ow and bag the grass to use as a mulch. it does break down. But, maybe 3 time I re do it. It has been too wet to accomplish much this year.

Gordon Booth says:

good sickle plus technique you will be surprised how much can get done! great for around tree's and posts etc with no damages unlike weed eater. So glad you bought one and look forward to following video with. (All videos excellent teaching.) Thanks again…

codygillespie says:

I can find used 3 point sickle bars for $300 to $400 all the time here in the midwest. Im wondering for your watermelon field why not just roll/crimp the rye? Seems like it will take much longer and much more effort to cut it with what your using. Is there some advantage you have found with cutting over rolling?

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