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Trying Eco Friendly Products

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I’m trying to treat the earth nicer!
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Devrah Fungus says:

What happen to blazes foot?

Elisabet Eilertsen says:

Why isn´t there a love button

Tate Schwalm says:

How come the word Brush sounds like it’s plural should be “Breesh” or “Brushen?”

Eilys Cheng says:

You should get hypnotized like Colleen

Siobhan Dietz says:

I would love for you to do another video like this!! It’s awesome that you’re taking the steps you feel comfortable taking to help our planet. A piece of advice I have for you is that the bristles of your toothbrush are not recyclable so you need to cut them off when you go to recycle the toothbrush. You should definitely check out some more products, like some eco-friendly bathroom products and stuff like that. Definitely one of my favorite videos you’ve made!

Shumway Bunch says:

I have that toothbrush except it's black on the tips and then we have black what is it it's like a charcoal toothpaste to so yeah

Craftor Lorie says:

Oh shyyyyyyza

Vatsek says:

Dog is always right.

Que Estamos Haciendo? says:

My wife uses your fav pens for her nurse work and they are her fav too 🙂

Sierra Bree says:

8:31 whos inside out me or you?? 😂😂

Kelsey Goldsmith says:

The plug thingy…just. Unplug. Your. Appliances. And. Electronics. When. You’re. Done. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Alexandra Alberti says:

I love the black pen you use I love it dark and glow and glossy too

Hailey Cain says:

Do you watch the show psych

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