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Unboxing My New Book – Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetable Made Easy! 📕

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Join me as I unbox my new book, Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetable Made Easy! So exciting ( and emotional) to see it in print for the first time!

My new book: Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy – release date, December 24, 2019. Pre-order now at https://calikimgardenandhome.com/books/organic-gardening-for-everyone/.

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Jill Sander says:

Congratulations on harvesting after all your hard work!
I just preordered your book. Can't wait to be inspired! You guys ROCK! ♡it!

Brian Boudreau says:

Congrats my friends. So proud of the hard work you have put into this. so well deserved!

Snazzy Gardener says:


Patty Scancella says:

Congratulations CaliKim29!!! I can not wait to receive my copy. Your teaching and caring for others and sharing of joy has changed lives and your book will touch so many more!!! You have changed a mindset of the second graders here in Philly.

anselb2000 says:

That is so fantastic! I know how proud you are and how much work you have put into the new book!

Madge The Gardener says:

I am crying. I received the package and started some seeds. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your book. Hi Camera guy

G S says:

Congratulations. Looks like a wonderful book that took hours of painstaking work to bring to fruition. I was touched by your honest emotions .

Jennifer Oran says:

very touching thank you for all you do

Paul Fraser says:

Kim, this is brilliant. Congratulations. I have just ordered my copy through Amazon. I just had to have one having followed your youtube for some time now. This video had me quiet emotional and you and Jerry have done fantastic job. Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. I'm off to get the garden ready for when you book arrives now :-)) x

nature touch says:

Congratulations keep it up 👍 dear mam 👍 love from India

Maxxus Maksim says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love you guys.

Shawn Crystal Brown says:

Awesome you guys ❣️. I can't wait till Christmas. Jerry you are so sweet, wonderful and supportive. I think you two were made for each other. 🥰🥰

Debbie Wheeler says:

Ah…so sweet! I love you two! That was so tender and touching. Congratulations!! 🍾 I just pre-order my copy.

Nicki _in_CO says:

Can't wait to get my hands on it! Congratulations you guys, what a special tribute to all you've accomplished . Yep, totally crying with you.

Jim Battaglia says:

Congratulations Cali and Camera Guy! I have followed you from the beginning and love your passion and you have helped me greatly

Adam Petherick says:

Love it whair can I get one

Mandy Mattison says:

I love the emotion, congratulations to both of you!

tannenbaum says:

We just got 12 inches of snow…our ground is frozen, and the lakes have several inches of ice. Gonna be restricted to growing a few microgreens on the window sill, and maybe a little lettuce under the grow lights!

Moi says:

congrats! you're #19,000 in all books at Amazon this morning (11/27/19) which is no small feat. May you sell many copies.

Makeup Your Mind says:

So proud of you!! So sweet to dedicate it to Jerry! So exciting!!!!

Quyên Hong says:

Congratulations! I love you so much.

patjinx60 says:

Congratulations Kim and Camera Guy!!!

Evangeline Tuaau says:

Congratulations Kim and Jerry! I cried with you guys! such a beautiful and touching moment~ In a way, this book is the fruit and reward of both of your hardwork and dedication which hundreds and thousands of people will be able to enjoy all around the world. Thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN KIM AND JERRY!

audrey camacho says:

awwww….beautiful…..you have fill us with love thank you….congrats you both are the best and GOD BLESS ….yay…im so happy for you calikim….hugs….i love you guys tooooo…..you have come a long way…i have been with you for 8yrs now….its been fun and i have learned alot from you…thank you thank you

Bill Hoegemann says:

when will we get ours?

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