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Urine as Organic Fertilizer ? + More Gardening Questions & Answers

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions.

Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered about your garden with the link below:

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well:

01:57 What can I use as a filler for my tall raised beds to decrease the cost of the soil?
03:57 I have small flies on my indoor pepper plants. What are they? How do I control them?
08:15 I want to grow a few new plants. Do you offer plants or seeds?
09:50 You never made a video of the best worm casting to grow with?
11:18 Can I Eat Rock Dust or other Rock Dust Powders?
13:12 We are moving to Big Island, Hawaii. Can I grow fruit trees with limited soil?
16:00 Help! My Vietnamese Corriander plant is loosing all its leaves!
18:16 Where can I get a transplant for the Arivipa Avocado in Las Vegas?
18:49 Is Peeing Directly on the soil good for the plants?
21:20 I can’t find wheatgrass trays in my area. How deep are they?
23:19 Can you help me put in a garden at my house in humble texas?
26:33 How do you harvest Aloe Vera and remove brown leaves?
28:04 Do you have any black maderia fig trees for sale?

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Paul Daystar says:

Urin as fertilizer… 90% of your talk never mentions urin uses …

Sorce Beats says:

Centipedes control Fungus Gnats.
Free under Logs!

Great Videos!

rhaebeam says:

wow I have learned a lot from this guy. thank you very much!

rhaebeam says:

super nice guy and very enthusiastic about good health and gardening….love it!

utube4greenfuture says:

We were having drain problems from our kitchen sink and laundry washing machine which would join together and then go out to the street. Plumbers wanted too much to run a camera down the pipe to see what was the problem. Anyway…until we could figure out what the problem was, we ran an old swimming pool pump hose from our homes drain access port and just let the water from our kitchen drain to run out to the center of the yard where no grass was growing. Within a week we had green grass coming up in that area…. we moved the hose…and again, green grass started coming up. Kitchen drain water appears to be a good nutrient as long as your not putting chemicals or heavy grease down your sink.

Matthew Niedbala says:

Mix urine with bonemeal and wood ash until it has a thick paste consistency and blam you have an npkcm fertilizer (I just guessed the abbreviations you have nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium and magnesium in that mix). Leaves and any compost has the rest of what you need. Hell the right microorganisms can get all the plants' needed nutrients from the dirt, but it's good to put things like rock dusts composts and organic fertilizers to boost this and give more to the plant and the fungi and bacteria.

First Last says:

5 bucks for 10 minutes?  You are cheaper than a late night 900 number my friend

Jo Ca says:

no wonder when I pee on my tree it gets bigger

TimeforaChange InGovernment says:

HELP! Anyone' suggestions to grow a garden over invasive tree roots? Last year, roots choked veggie garden, raised beds, and straw bale garden. I started w/@ 6 layers of cardboard, 2 layers of ground cover/weed cloth, 12" layer of straw, then compost/soil, before planting my plants. I have a large open yard, but surrounded by trees. The tree roots even grew up behind my composter, then weaved themselves into my compost. Lost more than half of my compost. Roots were so bound, could not shake out compost.
Limited income. Can't afford $3K to cut down trees. Lost 2 to storms, but remaining roots are shooting babies up all over.. No local community composting or excavation sites.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated! TIA

Thomas Cochran says:

I built a small aquaponic unit a couple of years ago and the fish died in the Texas summer heat. To keep the cycle going, I used about 1 "pee's" worth of urine every couple of days in the system. Within a little over a month, I grew about 15 lbs of cucumbers. I grew more food without fish than I did with fish. Pee pee is good stuff!

Sioux Mcqueen says:

Can I use urine on my grass

Hail No Hero says:

I've started using Urine as a fertilizer and it is working awesome! Dilute it with water (1:10) and apply it at the base of the plant, use 1:20 for foliar feedings. I fertilize 4 times a month when they are still young, and then twice a month thereafter for the remainder of its life. My Squash is growing MASSIVE healthy leaves and all I've used is this method. Never had a squash plant this healthy and vigorous in growth!! That is because the soil I planted this Zucchini plant in was NOT rich in minerals. It was very clay like and had very minimal nutritional value for the plant. But still, the Urine has given it all it needs to grow healthy and big! It's free, it's sustainable and the when you feed the plants, they feed you back and thus the cycle never ends. Ain't that beautiful? It's how it should always be. Urine has all the nutrients the plants need, N P & K in perfect doses. Along with all the other organic minerals and nutrients found in Urine. It's truly amazing and every gardener should utilize it and not waste money on synthetic fertilizers. You're also doing the world better! A happy Cheers my fellow gardeners.

Mark Schuster says:

Don't pee in my garden

Elias Eloquency says:

Are you high all the time; or just when you make videios?

unknown cuyler says:

apple juice. fungus gnats love apple juice. bottles with just a little apple juice catch em pretty good.

Dylon Redman says:

can I plant tropics in texas

Björn Felten says:

I really love all your contributions.

One thought: when you weed out your tomato plant, isn't all the clippings filled with all the nutriants that you added? So if you save all the clippings in a bucket of water, shouldn't you get the perfect tomato tea for future tomato plant?. Especially with a little pee added to it…? 😎

Nevertheless, keep up your good work!

booger boogie says:

wantedsee if you be willing try re-inact . EDEn = use the better oxygen/siol/plants.. try … grow as used to= Bible say earth not yield as full benefits as used to= oxygen been changed %.. and top siol ws watered from bottom/ not rain.. = kept its nutrients better.. .scientist found like frozen 2 feet maskeetoe… maybe fruit grow 50 lbs 1-apple lol + be like instant heal… also oxygen used to be as such.. run forever / not get tired .. lived forever.. bigger. …but way healthier! fyi = I neeed help! .. I want move florida.. need best spot grow a lot! .. I want eat way better .. thx to your channel :>) godbless

booger boogie says:

you didn't tell us the taste of the nano fruit! :>) .. really liked to see full documentary on medical /health type plants/fruit! :>)

kev2020 says:

"I do have an episode where I showed…" John you need a show. Like really. If people(I say that but actually mean myself) can watch hours of "Flea Market Flip" and "Tiny House Nation" then your show would be a huge hit!

The990990990 says:

John what type of lettuce is that beside you?

Dan Cam says:

Hi John what about Florida where is a good place to buy land Thank you

Luis Gandara says:

Kudos! I really appreciate your work. I am a farm life guy myself as well. Have learned tons from you. I'm a graphic designer by profession if you ever need help with any if that or a website or anything visual, eg interior -exterior. PEACE

Collin Hagewood says:

Lmao…HUMBLE….its pronounced "Umble", you have been close, it is a suburb of Houston, Tx…But anyway thanks for the videos and information, definitely inspiring. Im in an apartment right now but picked up a key lime, "fantastic"(mexican) avocado, and"Texas Blue Giant" fig tree at the Houston annual fruit tree sale…gotta start somewhere. Thanks

Turnt Kracka says:

what if they wanna have phone sex 4 the 10 minutes for 4$? can I talk 2 ur girl w the dd cantaloupes?

Mark Thieme says:

great organic idea's for getting rid of fungus nats..hadnt ever heard of sand or the taters used before 🙂 Happy New year

Greta Fields says:

I won't listen to this video because  it does not get to the point.  I do not like to waste my time listening to  talky, rambling intros.

Jonathan Carroll says:

i have been fertilizing with urine for years. the trick is dilute it. i mix 3-1 rain water with urine. this creates an excellent source of nitrogen. i have had plants that have yellowing leaves and are struggling. i apply the diluted urine and they turn a deep green and thrive.

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