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Vegan, Eco-Friendly & Minimalist ✶ Baby Essentials

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Find out all the items on my baby essentials list, plus where to buy them if you’re an expecting Mama-to-be who wants to keep things eco-friendly and minimal.

I have also written an in depth blog post on all these items, where I purchased them and why we have chosen to forgo some items that are traditionally seen as ‘essential’.

You can find the link below ⇸


Sending much love to you all, wherever you are ❥ xxx


M G says:

Loved this video, thank you so much!

Lizzy Mayo says:

Great video! The only negative feedback that I have is your video was kind of hard to hear. Other than that your content was really good 🙂

Trudy-Ann McFarlane says:

Best minimalist video on YouTube 😊

Laney'sMama says:

I miss cosleeping! My daughter is so sensitive to sounds that after waking up every 30 to 90 minutes for 6 months I put her in her own room in a crib and she slept for 4 hours at a time. Love everything you've said it'll be so helpful for first time moms and it was a nice refresher for me!

KC H says:

This was such a relaxing video for a first time mom about to have a baby, you make me feel prepared and at peace

Pinwheel ART says:

I prefer just shirts. The cloth diapers are so cute I hate covering them. Well, really they are mostly naked or just in diapers…we live in a subtropical area. 😄

The Ando Family says:

Such a good video !! Thanks for sharing this will hope so many new mamas!

Barbora Pavlikova says:

Such great tips! We are planning to have a baby next year and these are absolutely amazing tips, so thank you! What do you think about buying baby clothes before you get pregnant? I thought i heard you saying you were buying your onesies before you got pregnant?

moongirl497 says:

But what do you do when baby starts rolling and crawling on the bed? Is it still possible to cosleep at this point? Can you maybe do video or blog post about safe cosleeping? Thank you for interesting video!

MOON & ROCK says:

thank you thank you thank you 💘💘💘💘💘

Living the life you love says:

Amazing to hear you essentials, you're so right with everything you said I don't have kids or plan on having any soon but I found this video really interesting. You're so calming to watch and love that you're a minimalist too ❤️😊

Ally O'Connell says:

Hi haley! You should look up eenee nappies! They are made in Tasmania australia and 100% compost friendly. 😊

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