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Watch this Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review before You Spend $2500

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares his update regarding his harvest right freeze dryer. You will learn if it is worth the $2500 so that you can freeze dry food in your home.

In this episode, John shares with you why he is making this episode, based on a letter he got in the mail from the owner of Harvest Right. He will read the letter word-for-word to let you know what is going on.

John will share some of the problems with the harvest right freeze dryer that he has had in the past, based on his original harvest right freeze dryer review at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ7ExG7fpj8

John will share updates that he is aware of regarding these updates. John will share his opinions on these topics so that as a prospective consumer you can be aware of some of the potential deficiencies with the freeze dryer as it is currently sold.

John will also share some of the specific problems with his freeze dryer that he continues to have to this day, and foods that should be easily freeze-dried and how it is simply not working properly when the machine should automatically sense when the foods are fully freeze-dried with all the moisture removed.

John will also ask you for your opinions and what he should do regarding a difficult situation that he is in between harvest right and himself regarding his original harvest right freeze dryer review.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the harvest right company and correspondence that John has received from them. You will learn why John can not give his whole-hearted recommendation for a harvest right freeze dryer at this time.

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April Tvenstrup says:

Harvest Right threatens customers. Isn't that special.

Wot NoobClown says:

Who the hell does that psychopath from harvest right think he is? ❤️

crystal myshak says:

You showed what happened with your experience and you showed how the company tried to resolve any challenges you came across. If anything the company should be happy that you show follow ups and resolutions. They are not happy with your results the power is in their hands to resolve the issues and increase their sales by improving their product. They can not sue you for their faulty product. They can use this opportunity to improve and move forward. Maybe they are up to the challenge, maybe not. Forcing you to retract the original video does them more harm then good in my opinion as it shows they would rather be just another corporate bully than a true innovative company.
Best of luck and keep up the great work. I truly enjoy your genuine experiences that you share as you share real world problems and follow up on them. Thank you.

Jay Tee says:

13 thumbs down. All 13 employees at harvest right.

Keep the video up and never forget , you don't have the 1st amendment without the 2nd !

CryptoChris says:

John, fuck them! You are in the right…If they try and sue you for some reason…counter sue! FUCK THEM! And what the hell is that oil filter system they have LOLOLOL!! What a joke for $2500…

Lolitabonita says:

those guys may be related to Trump LOLOLOL

Lolitabonita says:

in other words is a piece of junk that "has been improved" by now..but these people do not offer you a brand new machine to you for testing…dahhh they know that the machine is not good LOLOL

Lolitabonita says:

I will keep the video up…your opinion is your opinion…and they can not hunt you down for it. If the machine is bad is bad…what these people should do is to replace the machine and the use it and do another review…but bullying you to remove the video is unethical MY OPINION~~

Shawn Frank says:

I would place all the Harvest Right videos in their own playlist, and label each video with a Prefix of something like “UPDATE 20190928: Harvest Right Co, Cease and Desist letter”. That way your viewers can see a clear time based linear history of your experience with their product. I find value in reading online reviews, and watching video product reviews. I personally make NO large purchases without reading reviews before I buy, whether it be on Amazon, edmunds (car reviews), or youtubers. I personally agree that past experiences are important. If one erases history, then history is bound to be repeated. Its actually a positive testimony for a company to experience issues, and for the public to see that the company has addressed deficiencies brought to light and that surface as the result of customer reviews or complaints. I personally have more confidence in a company that admits their short commings, fixes their issues and doesnt try to erase or bury past issues. It builds integrity, and consumer confidence! If I but an expensive product, I want to know that a company has treated other customers well, because issue always arise with technology based purchases. High tech is just that…highly complex and prone to have issues. Any consumer knows that complicated pieces parts means complicated repairs. People who buy a BMW know what they are in for re high priced repairs…but they ALSO expect TOP QUALITY customer sevice!!! Therefore I personally WANT to see that a problem occurred and the company handled it professionally and honestly. I would buy a Harvest Right or any expensive item IF I knew that the company was trustworthy and had good customer service for a complex and highly technical product. Conversely, I would avoid purchasing products from companys with poor or nonexistant customer service, especially if the company tried to erase past errors as if they did not exist. I expect issues with anything that is both me mechanical and has a computer…its just the nature of our world…but good customer service and an honest vendor/manufacturer is worth its weight in gold. So maybe start each video with a checklist of problems with the date the problem was detected and the date it was addressed or resolved..and show what has been addressed and what has not, so its clear and concise. You are entitled to your opinion, and I value your candid review, I would like to see a spreadsheet like history of the date of each issue with a resolution date or denote that the issue still exists. But just to let Harvest Right now, that I personally would still buy their product after seeing your review, because you said that its still the best product on the market for the money!!!

Martha Anderson says:

Since you see the benefits of Freeze Drying, You LOVE the technology! So why not extend grace and wisdom that it is new to the consumer. I appreciate that you test and report. Maybe they DID fix the customer service.

Lolitabonita says:

what is the cost of running the machine let say 3 days a week…thanks

Phuq U says:

Don't take it down.

Sandra Wilkinson says:

I think I would take the initial video down, since you now have an updated video you are doing now.

peggy breaux says:

Their commercials make it sound so easy. I see it is beyond my technical knowledge to work this machine. I will keep dehydrating and canning. Thank you

Michael gorillag says:

I believe you are right John about not taking down your video they should work with you they should make videos stating how they addressed each issue a customer should be able to post a review about a product after all this is America the last time I checked but you see everyone in this country has such a clouded View they want to sweep everything under the f**** carpet rather than fix the problem a bit unprofessional in my opinion on their part they should not be taking personal shots at you that is unprofessional

Alois Schicklgruber says:

They want you to self censor at the threat of legal action.

F that.

Updaate never delete.

Kirk Shadel says:

Typical CEO out of touch with their customers and probably their employees…

sunnydayang says:

It's a tough situation John, personally I wouldn't know quite what to do either. They obviously had some problems with the product and how the customer service wasn't being taken care of properly. They may have fixed that, but the fact that the dryer doesn't work like they advertise is the most important part here. Maybe you could make a new video covering the issues you had and what they say they've done to correct them, and also discuss your problems with the dryer functioning properly, then post that and remove your first video. Then it can be all detailed in one shorter more concise video, and they can stop wasting their time harassing a customer. They need to focus their energy on perfecting their dryer, not hassling a customer for sharing their bad experience. Your point about the BBB complaints being left up is quite valid, I mean are they harassing the people who posted BBB complaints too? Maybe they should speak to a lawyer, to make sure they stop doing things that could get them sued instead! That being said, we LOVE you John! Thanks for helping us vastly improve our gardening techniques, you are our Organic Gardening Hero!!! Lots of love from the York Family of southern Oregon!!! <3

420oak says:

Seems to me like that CEO would rather use the stick instead of the carrot, dealing with ppl like that can be stressful in the best of situations.

Fred Salivia says:

Don't stop! But, do offer them the opportunity to come to your house and try to fix their equipment for it to perform as advertised. Send them this option in a certified letter. This way. legally, you are giving them the opportunity to stand by their products. If they do not accept your offer, then even if you get sued, you will have proven that you have given them the opportunity to fix the issue and stand by their product. Very hard for them to win a case like this. The fact that they have invested their resources to hire more people and to update their software plus to just send you a certified letter versus a letter from an attorney, indicates that they don't have enough money to retain an attorney and the upfront cost of filing a suit that they know they can't win.

overdbus says:

Nothing like it in the world – sounds like an opportunity for someone… keep the vid up

brandon says:

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Unit-13 FREMSLT says:

By "amicably" Harvest Right means the company's satisfaction and benefit not yours. The accusations demonstrate immaturity, attempted manipulation and intimidation on the Harvest Right's part. Let them seek the advise of legal counsel. I'd bet they have already or the letter would have been from an attorney and not the company. It matters not what is true today so long as you stated facts based on your experience in the original video. Based on the response it does show how important making videos about experiences with products are. Clearly it is still having an impact, Harvest Right wants to make it go away. Harvest Right should have made a video demonstrating the improvements. They could use your experience to show the progress. The warranty is weak, TRUE, made in USA, has 3 years on residential. https://true-residential.com/pageimages/blog/2017_TRL_Extended_Warranty.pdf They do have an no oil pump that does not require the filtering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_ar8ysARR4 Check out this channel for freeze dry how-to it's what made me consider purchasing a Harvest Right. Leave the video online!

First Last says:

It is a lot less expensive than any other current solution to freeze drying. but still leave it up. Tell them to quit threatening you or you will sue them

Honest Guy says:

Leave it up and start a go fund me page for your legal defense. I will be your first contributor. F Harvest Right

First Last says:

Leave it up. It was true at the time. Tell them to quit threatening you or you will sue them.

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