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What Do I Need To Start Seeds Indoors – Organic Gardening For Beginners

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What Do I Need To Start Seeds Indoors – Organic Gardening For Beginners – Arizona
When I first started growing seeds indoors, I wasn’t sure aside from the seeds what else I was going to need. I had no idea what soil or containers seeds need in order to germinate. Luckily, I had my family to ask and with their guidance and after many phone calls, I had my first seeds growing indoors.
I hope this list of items for starting seeds indoors will help you stay organized and efficient.
Enjoy your seed growing and good luck!

*To find what grow zone you are located in click here:
Then enter your zip code and click “Find”.
After you figure out what growing zone you are in, do Google Image search for “Zone 9 growing schedule” (I’m in zone 9, so you will have to enter the number for your zone). You will get many results, so just pick one of them.

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Debra Arizona says:

This video is very helpful,wish I would have seen it before I started my seeds,you have everything organized.I like the idea of starting seedling in clear cups..wish I would have though of that.Also keeping notes on your seedlings so you are aware of what they need.thank you Sasha for the great ideas..will put them to use.

Michelle T. says:

Thank you for this!

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