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Fashion and Frappes says:

Love this video! I was almost tearing up watching it. So many of these really resonated with me. On one of the points you make where we should not give up anything we really love – what if its one of the big ones? For me its travel and flying. I have definitely reduced my flying but this is definitely my sore point. 🙁

Flor Varela says:

I've never liked littering in my life if I saw a friend or someone litter I would pick it up or tell em to pick it up …

Flor Varela says:

I think I started to look into low or zero waste when I learned about the sad truth about what animals go thru to be in our plates

Raquel L says:

I was going to vote for you but unfortunately, it doesn't allow to vote on just one category and I don't know the brands enough to vote for one of them :/

Neta Daldin says:

Very encouraging and great vid. Immy!😁

Michelle Berry Blog says:

Great video, I have recently been feeling like I haven't been doing enough, but I just need to remember its a marathon not a sprint. Thank you!

nicole is here to learn says:

I think a lot about my actions as a creative and I tend to agree: I’d rather not limit creativity and experimentation for a depressingly ascetic lifestyle. But there are also lots of ways to make a difference in other areas and even to find ways of “greening” my current practice without my creativity suffering. (Actually finding greener ways to create sometimes stretches the creative muscles even more 😉 hehe) This is a great video to remember what to focus on and how to think about one’s personal sustainability goals.

Sophie Mckellow says:

I've been on my journey since February and i have to confess last month was a real struggle for me! doubting if i was actually making any impact on the world wishing i could do more and feeling a little helpless! am i the only one whs gone through this??

Aleksandra says:

Thank you for your content! I am very grateful of your videos 🙂

Luna Lewandowski says:

Thank you very much for that video!❤

Diane O says:

It’s all about ConsciousLiving.🖖🏻

Jaycee Rich Empuerto says:

In my city here in Philippines we have the only one bulk store but it is like a hundred miles away and we don't have a car to go there. I don't know why they choose that hill location than in the middle of the city.

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