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What is Urban Sustainable Living

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Patti Moreno the Garden Girl explains her Sustainable Living methods.

Check out http://www.gardengirltv.com and www.urbansustainableliving.com


21centuryg says:

@vaidotas86 how?

vaidotas86 says:

Urban Sustainable Living doesn't exist

Word Sailor says:

I and my friend Puppobob think these videos are VERY HELPFUL! Thanks!

OrganicTexas says:

Patti- You and John Kohler (GrowingYourGreens YouTube channel) should team up. That'd be an awesome show. -OT

hub23 says:

@cynan48 truly!

davincij15 says:

You see when some one produces food or products it helps others. When I focus on my enjoyment of producing a product that may not be food, I do it well and I am proud of it.

Your attempts to shame me into "sacrificing" my passion what? Banker's (aka Government) War or gardening would have worked on the old me and I would have done it out of false feeling that it was right.

The right thing to do is to produce and help in our own unique way. 🙂


davincij15 says:

lol You love gardening I see that's a good thing for you, I can make something else that is useful to you or someone else to help improve gardening and enjoy making it yet I'm lazy and unmotivated because I want to do something else productive.


Hate on me all you want, I don't care. 🙂

BTW I'm doing very well producing a quality product for others, I am also converting the useless paper notes into rare goods that farmers and foreigners will need in the future.

Good luck.

davincij15 says:

You twist my words because you decided to live as a slave to others and disliked it but felt it was your duty. Mean while others used your guilty conscience for their own benefit. I don't know what war you fought but years ago I believed the same BS you did and would of marched off to war if my country called me.

Not any more after reading and learning about our monetary system and how it connects to the wars of the past.

I know the truth now and Truth is treason in empire of LIES.

davincij15 says:

I know it's your OPINION, however if you look at what you are trying to accomplish, you will see that it is YOU who is cowardly and selfish.

You are attempting to ask people to do things they do not like to give to people they do not know. There is nothing wrong with giving and gardening, its a good thing however that belief should not be forced on others.

We are all unique individuals, so live the best way you know how and let reality be our judge jury, and executioner.

JackANDJude says:

Patti, it's good to know you're a New Yorker!

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