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WORST Garden Season on YouTube | STARTING OVER.

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WORST Garden Season on YouTube | STARTING OVER. no till gardening 101 with mulch covering on building healthy soil.
Mycorrhizal list : http://www.rootnaturally.com/PlantListMycorrhizal.pdf
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Back to Eden Organic Gardening 101 Method with Wood Chips VS Leaves Composting Garden Soil #2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAXrKFjs77o .

How to Build a Raised Wood Chip Organic Gardening Bed for beginners, Cheap Designs – Part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVaFsORKhl8 .

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Daniel Fisch says:

Great information, thank you for sharing.

Alabama Gulf Coast Gardening says:

Another informative and enjoyable video. Thanks, Mark!

Rob C says:

The storms this year have been extreme. I hope it's just a fluke and not a indication of what the future holds for us.
It will be interesting to see how the crops do with the winter rye in the mix.

stephen nelson says:

Hey Mark. Do you happen to know what insect left their eggs on your pumpkin leaves. I have the same eggs on mine and I don't know if its a big issue or maybe it's a beneficial one. Great videos I have structured my garden using your guidance and it looks great really flourishing

Philip Payne says:

Hi Mark, weeds are also roots in the ground, what makes a cover crop superior to weeds?

Bill Herrick says:

very interesting; looking forward to seeing how he squash and winter rye do together.

florie Brown says:

Thanks Mark great video of nature at its best. Very inspiring.

Peter says:

Thanks Mark…another good video on how to plan your garden.

Lasting Impressions says:

Looks like we have the same tractor. Mines 2008 Kubota L3240 with loader and the industrial tires. It's one of our most valued possessions. Seens we use it everyday. Really Love our Tractor ❤👍

Mark Blumhardt says:

I’m in CO at 6000 feet. Sugar snap peas, potatoes and chili peppers are going gangbusters. Tomatoes and onions are so-so. Everything else is a bust. Nothing germinated outdoors despite 100% success in germ tests. Zero cucumbers, limited winter squash and pumpkins. Summer squash may be next to nothing and who can’t grow zucchini?!?! Our 8 inches snow May 21 didn’t help but even things planted after that have been bad. VERY HUMBLING. Worst garden I’ve had my whole life and I was born in the 50s!

David says:

A little off topic, any thoughts on pest control, specifically Japanese Beetles? They have destroyed my cherry trees and peaches.

Green Dream Project says:

Nothing to be jealous at over here!😆 I'm jealous of that soil. It looks crazy healthy. Looking to see how the garden turns out for you.

bigh650 says:

good luck – we had 100 + heat and no rain , so garden not to good

Bain Chin says:

Hi Mark, The summer planted winter rye did not vernalize (get a cold exposure) so they won’t set seed. So will the rye die by autumn or will it live to spring?

Coarsegold Guy says:

So glad to see you're finally up and growing. Best wishes for the rest of your season.

John Beckman says:

1. Fingers crossed! You could use a productive blessing.
2. I LOOOOOOOOVE how you "contend" with weather, soil, seed, predators AND SHARE with us your experience.
3. On a "profound level", you remind me of the Biblical Jacob who became Israel. You contend with these things of God to understand them daily and won't give in. You have faith that the answers are there and will be revealed if you hold onto and engage His character long enough with eyes sharply focused. Truly beautiful. 😃

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