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Hi Everyone, thank you so much for watching today’s video! I hope you get some tips from this video or it inspires you to start your own zero waste journey.

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Rääpynä says:

I'm not going to give up eating vegan ice cream, and it comes in plastic containers, so why would I buy tupper ware?

Bre Tree says:

“Because I normally use a bottle and Joe is dehydrated” I felt this frustration bc I live through it everyday with my boyfriend 😂😂

ClamatoJuiceify says:

Some products you need Amber glass bottles for. Anything with essential oils and peroxide for example otherwise they will degrade from exposure to light. I wish you would be less holier than thou about it. Yes, it's aethetically pleasing, but it does serve a functional purpose for cleaning products, unlike what you're suggesting.

Strolling Through Life says:

I completely agree. Buying secondhand and using what you already have is much more sustainable. You don’t have to buy all of the trendy “eco” products to be zero waste. Some things are helpful, but ultimately we already have a lot of what we need. 👍

The hydroponic aquaponic farmer and gardener says:

Buying zero waste products to become trendy, so true… then throwing out plastic items (toothbrushes/containers etc) that have been replaced by trendy items, is not what the zero waste movement is about. Keep the videos coming…

Aly Soares says:

Loved your sustainable tips! If you're interested, I posted a video on traveling and camping zero waste. Cant wait to see more of your videos!

Jade Lauren says:

I love the way that you use your platform! Great sustainability tips ♡

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